The idea and purpose of our travel is not only just leisure. We want to use this adventure to raise awareness for intercultural understanding and exchange. As members of the international student organization AIESEC, we have been confronted with what international exchange means and what it can change in people. An international experience has potential to give you new perspectives, get to know foreign people and cultures and to explore the beauty of the world. For young people especially, this kind of experience can have a huge impact and we want to encourage people to go abroad, not be afraid and expand their perspective to a global scale that not only cares about individual countries.

Now that both our studies are over, we want to go for one last adventure before the "adult life" has to start. This tour has the chance to become the adventure of a lifetime. In this, we are aiming to cycle everything that allows cycling, meaning no busses, trains or flights if avoidable. We will try to travel by boat between different countries if it is possible to find someone to take us.

Our Good Cause

With thousands of refugees coming to Western Europe during the last years and many of them coming to Germany, fear of the unknown and uncertainty about the future situation were widespread. By now, all refugees in Germany are officially processed but public interest in the situation is fading. We think that now is the most vital situation to take care of all the people that are already in Germany or that are still in refugee camps somewhere. We want peopl not to forget about these people as they can only get back into a structured everyday life if we support the initiatives that are working to help these people that were forced to flee their countries.

Refugee Mentoring in Erlangen

In our home town of Erlangen, there are about 2000 asylum seekers and refugees that need help to be integrated into our German society. For this, the social welfare office organizes a mentoring program that connects local volunteering mentors with refugees. Together, they can engage in all kinds of activities that aim at the refugees getting more independent within our society. Whether it means joining a refugee family on a doctor's visit, helping with learning German, going on trips or just showing them how to repair a bicycle - everything is possible. As the volunteers do not get any money of course, they still need some funds to buy public transportation tickets or supplies for the activities for example. The initiative aims at helping people to be able to help themselves.

This is where you can support the initiative by donating money or even becoming a mentor yourself - still more people are needed as well. If you want to engage there, get in touch with Dr. Elisabeth Preuß.
([email protected])

For donations:
IBAN: DE79 7635 0000 0000 0000 31
Subject: V/502/MGI/Flüchtlinge

Jonas on a social project in Malaysia. Can you spot him?